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Low Income Earners Cough Up For The Coalition

The Coalition is revoking a superannuation concession introduced last year to help low income earners. Would you believe it, most of the recipients are mums working part time.

The Buck Stops With Abbott On Sexism

It's not such a bad thing that Tony Abbott is Minister for Women. His move puts women's issues where they belong - at the heart of government.


No Pay Rise For Low Pay Care Jobs

Tony Abbott wants to cut subsidised pay rises for aged care and child care workers. If he does, underpaid workers will continue to leave the industry or live in poverty.

What Happened To Labor's Soul?

We've seen a troubling disengagement from politics during this campaign. Why have voters turned away from the Labor Party? Are the Greens the solution?


The Major Parties' War On The Undeserving Poor

Punitive controls over welfare and cuts to payments have featured during Labor's time in office, because they agree with Abbott - poverty is caused by dysfunction, not exclusion.

Income Management For Asylum Seekers

The Coalition has proposed mutual obligation welfare for asylum seekers – and the ALP is all for it. Eva Cox on the increasing popularity of income management since the NT Intervention


Abbott Will Cut Deeper Than The ALP

Neither the ALP nor the Coalition are giving the voter who cares about social fairness - not just jobs and money - much to go on

Is Anyone Thinking Seriously About Welfare?

Thanks to some strategic leaks, we know Wayne Swan will announce changes to welfare tonight. They're nothing more than minor sops to calm the backbenches

Did Tough Love Work For Sole Parents?

The Government's much-maligned decision to cut benefits for sole parents was meant to get people into jobs. Now Labor claims almost 4000 more are drawing a wage

Women Let Down By ALP Super Policy

Women find themselves with less superannuation than men on retirement - and in some cases none. Low-income earners often can't afford a 12 per cent contribution. How equitable is the system


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