Too little too late on Newstart, Bill and Albo — you had the evidence to act

Labor leadership contenders Bill Shorten and Anthony Albanese had the evidence proving their cuts to Newstart were unfair. Their support for increasing parental support now is cold comfort.

The belated acknowledgement by the two Labor leadership contenders that cutting single-parent payments had been a mistake is sad — they should have fixed it a few months ago while they still had the power.

Welfare and families: has Labor screwed over the poor?

Missing: true Labor values and an acceptance that structural barriers create poverty and disadvantage. It’s time for the ALP to stop blaming and short-changing individuals.

Let’s acknowledge Abbott’s parental leave plan is better

A campaign to stop planned cuts to sole parent payments is aiming at the government’s vulnerable underbelly in its bid for a UN Security Council seat. Harming Australia’s image may be justified.

Are feminists opposing Abbott’s paid parental leave scheme on personality grounds only?


How can the federal government spend about $4 billion on child care a year and yet have little or no say in where the services are located or how much they charge? Could it be that a bad dose of neo-liberal market-based funding in the ’90s has undermined what should have been a community service and allowed ideology to override commonsense?

More stupid government claims refuted

Is Bill Shorten sincere about addressing changes to a welfare system "so stupid" that it can't support payments for sole parents? Eva Cox suggests that the policy itself is what's causing the grief

Did Tough Love Work For Sole Parents?

The Government's much-maligned decision to cut benefits for sole parents was meant to get people into jobs. Now Labor claims almost 4000 more are drawing a wage

When did ‘Labor values’ become John Howard’s values?

The baby bonus is gone and the record of this Labor government robbing from the poor is a profoundly disappointing one. There wasn’t much for those struggling in the federal budget

It Started With The Intervention

Conditional welfare is now being rolled out across the NT and there's talk of a national scheme. When did this transformation of welfare take place


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