Dog whistle welfare

The Federal government has offered us a package of welfare changes placing new obligations on certain recipients of social security payments. The rhetoric is impeccable populism, playing into the well known negatives of welfare

How can the government justify a policy that penalises working sole parents?

Late last year, the United Nations' Human Rights Council expressed its concern that moves to push sole parents onto a lower paid income support may breach our responsibilities under a number of human rights treaties.

Income Management coming to a place near you: Bankstown, Sydney

Women are more likely than men to need Government income support. In particular, solo women with young children may be out of paid work as suitable jobs and good employers are rare.

PM’s macho social agenda has balls but no heart

Yesterday the Women’s Budget statement was released. It’s a paean of praise for the virtues of hard work and economic participation, like so much of the rest of the budget, as the paragraphs below show (my bold).

Could cutting sole parent payments cost Australia UN votes?

Forget the misplaced rhetoric, Tony Abbott’s paid parental leave scheme is more generous and sends the right message about women in work. This “hardline feminist” is happy to say so.


It seems odd finding myself in the media spotlight as a “hardline feminist” policy freak because I am supporting one form of paid parental leave over another.

Cox: child care shouldn’t be like dry cleaning, in search of a special offer

How can the federal government spend about $4 billion on child care a year and yet have little or no say in where the services are located or how much they charge? Could it be that a bad dose of neo-liberal market-based funding in the ’90s has undermined what should have been a community service and allowed ideology to override commonsense?


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