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Will You Accidentally Vote For Hanson?

Voters who don't understand optional preferential voting in the upper house may inadvertently help the extreme right parties get a berth.


It Started With The Intervention

Conditional welfare is now being rolled out across the NT and there's talk of a national scheme. When did this transformation of welfare take place

Accepting Refugees Is Good Business

If Chris Bowen and the ALP really want to do the right thing on asylum seekers, they should put people smugglers out of business. Some ideas on how to get started


Sole Parents Are Not A Workforce

Labor's cuts to parenting payments are supposed to get sole parents back into the workforce. Unfortunately, evidence suggests they'd rather suffer poverty and spend more time with their kids.

Macklin Ignores Intervention Evaluation

Jenny Macklin claims a recent evaluation shows the NT Intervention is working. In fact, the research she is citing points to myriad problems with the program.

The Work That You Can't Sell

The stuff that makes good societies, communities and families tick can't always be officially valued. The problem is, welfare policies don't recognise this. Eva Cox on why income support needs an urgent rethink.

Saying No To The Evidence, Again

The expansion of income quarantining laws defies an overwhelming expert consensus that the policy just doesn't work

Call Me Whatever The Hell You Want

Feminism, not religion, is at the heart of controversy about Melinda Tankard Reist. Who decides who gets to use the f-word?



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