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Northside Forum | Sydney, 6 July

WASH, RINSE, SPIN! Key political issues of the day without the spin…

Making a Society More Fragile

The primary and secondary purpose of Gillard’s first budget as PM appears to be economic growth for its own sake. It fails to deliver any new equity policies that could contribute to good social outcomes.


Hands up who wants a 30-hour week

Is there one clear possible area of policy reform that would provide a good basis for making society more civil? A core issue that affects a range of social well being indicators and our life choices? Could too much to do and longer working hours be at the heart of the discontents and social inadequacies of contemporary life?


Lining up the priorities of the Government

Perhaps more important than ‘who gets what’ is ‘what gets given’ in the first Ministry of Julia Gillard’s new government. Eva Cox considers what some of the changes might signal about the new government’s policy priorities, particularly regarding its social agenda.


Limited choice has made for a confusing outcome

Australia has voted and the results are still difficult to interpret. Eva Cox, steps back to take a look at what our options as voters really were and what the take home lessons for our political leaders should be if they want an improved campaign and outcome next time.


Persecuting The Poor?

There are clearly more jobseekers than jobs. So why are Australian politicians so set on punishing the victims of social inequality?

It’s NOT Fair: An Election Social Policy Assessment

Discussions about the social issues that have always seemed to be an important part of politics have dropped off the agenda during this election

Is Anyone Talking About Indigenous Affairs?

Whatever happens in this election, there is little likelihood of any benefit for those Indigenous Australians who do not meet the Gillard formula of hardworking, compliant income earners

Towards a More Civil Society – Roundtable at UTS

Eva Cox reports on a Roundtable held at UTS last week on the need to set social goals for a more civil society.


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