Eva Cox: The feminist scorecard and how Gillard and Abbott rate

Recently, debates about policies have disappeared under an avalanche of sexist, misogynist nonsense and the commentary on it. Please note, I continue to oppose the abhorrent gender-based attacks on the Prime Minister, but see these as separate from the policy stuff. So let's shift the focus back on what is done or on offer.

PM's rhetoric not matched by gender action

JULIA Gillard is cheapening a worthy cause by attempting to politicise gender, according to prominent feminists who pointed to the Labor government's murky record on the issue. In the Australian

More stupid government claims refuted

Is Bill Shorten sincere about addressing changes to a welfare system "so stupid" that it can't support payments for sole parents? Eva Cox suggests that the policy itself is what's causing the grief

Income Management coming to a place near you: Bankstown, Sydney

Women are more likely than men to need Government income support. In particular, solo women with young children may be out of paid work as suitable jobs and good employers are rare.

What's data got to do with it? Reassessing the NT intervention

Since its introduction in 2007, there has been much debate over the effectiveness of the Northern Territory Emergency Response (NTER) in improving the quality of life in remote indigenous communities. Public discussion on using good evidence for policymaking has so far not encouraged Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin to improve the quality of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA) data. Given the failure rate of policymaking in this area, these data deficits are problematic.

The F word is flourishing

The Opera House Foyer was packed with women on the 4th of March. It was a serious mix of older and younger, as we moved into the theatre to fill the seats for three sessions of feminism: Naomi Wolf, then Germaine Greer, followed by a panel with Clem Bastow and Eliza Griswold added. The sessions sold separately but by the day, all three were just about booked out. Who said feminism was dead?


Punch and Judy show knocks policy to the wayside

What is a soap opera without a hero and heroine? Will she do it? Will he ask? This time it is hard to find a hero, let alone a heroine.


What is a feminist?

The recent debate in the media about who should call themselves a feminist blew up recently in discussions of whether Melinda Tankard Reist and her anti-abortion views. Obviously anyone can claim to be feminist but is it always appropriate?



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